As If. No Mixtapes! Vol. 4: KP Transmission

Moscow based KP Transmission’s exploration of a wide range of genres is unique. With viscerally provocative dark, unusual soundscapes, paired with unsettling rhythms and experimental bass, she relinquishes her inner punk. Independently releasing a vast array of tracks via her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, along with limited cassettes, vinyl, and digital releases via KlammlangNazlo Records and Ciel Blue et Petis Oiseax Records, KP Transmission captures the rawness of experimental music, in a confident manner that creates what we could call her own sub genres.

Along comes this mix in which she explores genres such as industrial, dark ambient, and minimal wave, in combination with avant-garde jazz. It includes vivid representatives of styles created by Throbbing Gristle and Pavel Fajt. KP Transmission answered a few of our questions, that we thank Andrey Kotov for translating.

Blake Creighton: How has your state of mind influenced your music over the years? 

KP Transmission:  Mood is the predominant influence on my music. During the relatively short lifespan of my project (just four years), style and genre have changed dramatically depending on my emotional state. On the whole, my internal struggles were a catalyst for encouraging me to make music. This is precisely why my first couple of albums are mainly themed around dark ambient and noise. I went through a phase of being overwhelmed by panic attacks and consumed by various obsessions. My response manifested itself in different ways, including my creative output at the time.

How do you want people to experience your music? 
I don’t set myself a goal to somehow provoke a reaction or an emotional response/feeling from my listeners. I need to figure out how I feel about my own music first. My creative process is governed by the unconscious. I don’t plan or structure a track before beginning to work on it. Hence, I don’t task myself with influencing my audience in a particular way. That is not something that’s paramount to me. First and foremost, I make music to fulfil a moral and spiritual need. If there are those who like it, that makes me happy.

How does a physical place affect your music? 

For me, the physical place where I write my music is unimportant for my creative process. In that sense, I’m not tied down by my environment. For the most part, I delve deeply into the process itself and abstract myself from the conditions in which it takes place. If I have my laptop on me, I am able to write music in public places or if I’m around my friends.

Throbbing Gristle – PreMature
Dominion – Semi-Divergence
Dark Arts – House Of Mirrors
Swell Maps – Robot Factory
Savant – Using Words
Pavel Fajt & Meneses – Rosy Rolls
Pavel Fajt & Meneses – My Boy
The Misz – The First Time I Played Sax
Dome – Ar-Gu
Slava Ranko – Post Trauma
Ultra – B1. Aff

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