Mid-Week Selections – Soundtracks

Music has the power to transpose images in a varying and unique way, by fusing visual and auditory together to make you feel a fluctuation of emotions throughout the film.

With so many soundtracks to sift through, we have chosen a few that have stuck with us over time.

Blake’s Selections:


Ian’s Selection:

Drive was a nuts film for me – the tension in the characters and plot and the stark contrasts across their progression bewitched me. I watched it twice in a row the first time I saw it.

Ryan Gosling’s character is summed up perfectly in the melancholy 80’s throwback synth tracks, Kavinsky & LovefoxxxNightcallDesireUnder Your Spell, College & Electric YouthA Real Hero,  (first in the embedded video): the tragic insomniac, addicted to neon haze and night-time driving.

Cliff Martinez contrasts this character and energy amazingly with a more subdued, ambient soundtrack. The original pieces he composed for the film evoke the space of empty nighttime streets, the loneliness of our hero, and the extreme violence he finds his ascension and redemption in.

And the ChromaticsTick of the Clock! The impending danger of the villains and the constant threat of a car crash (real or metaphorical) is in every second of this song.


Thomas’ Selections:

I have chosen to share two soundtracks that I particularly admired when I was a teenager. One of which is the of the cult coming-of-age film: Juno, including the likes of Sonic Youth, The Kinks and The Velvet Underground. My tastes have changed quite drastically since then, but I still appreciate the part this film and soundtrack played in my formative years.

The other is from a film that I have not actually seen! My love of this soundtrack came from my teenage obsession with Herbie Hancock and has been the backing track to many a study session when I was in school due to its atmosphere and space.