Analogue Attic Recordings

For the daydreamers. The ones that find comfort in melancholy sounds. Analogue Attic Recordings have 3, soon to be 4 digital/ limited vinyl releases since establishing themselves in the latter half of 2014. The Melbourne, Australia based label showcases the likes Albrecht La’Brooy, Rory McPike‘s alias Rings Around Saturn and TUC. Collectively exploring a unique range of sounds and arrangements, fitting together with intellectual clarity.

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Label heads Sean La’Brooy and Alex Albrecht, as Albrecht La’Brooy, explore through their first release ‘Good Morning Passengers‘, the sounds of my home towns Belgrave train line. Field recordings, vocal samples, gorgeous keys and rattling percussion, reimagining the sounds of the hour long train journey from the city to the rainforest.

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Like experiencing a dream within the consciousness of a robot, ‘Erosion‘ frees you from the binding sounds of the world. The clean clutter of arpeggiators, ring out in varied tones and matched with sensual bass in ‘Portion 22 ‘ and ‘Gypsy Village‘.

With the likes of Jane Fitz (Invisible Menders), Noise In My Head, Petkovski (Soul Print Recordings) and Harvey Sutherland all having spun ‘Erosion’ in mixes or out, confirming Analogue Attic’s unique exploration of sound.

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TUC, another Melbourne local who offers so much to the growing music community, in collaboration with Albrecht La’Brooy have created a calm journey in ‘Dights Falls‘ and ‘Vicotria Park‘. Transporting you to a place only you know exists and is the only time the cries of a baby will become soothing.

Working on the other end of the music spectrum, TUC delivers in ‘Oaks‘ and ‘Vorsichst!‘ magnitude 7.5 bass, that duels with intriguing and hazy synths creating a Parallel to the dark dance floor.

Pavilion‘ is a glorious taster of AAR 004. It captures our school time innocence that fleeted before us, tapping into the hazy recollection of sights and sounds that we witnessed through our growing years.

AAR 004 is due for release Jan 25. Prepare yourself for the continuation of Sean La’Brooy and Alex Albrecht’s talent for arranging sounds to affect your emotions.

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