Ross From Friends’ Soundcloud Page

A treasure trove of gorgeous Lo-Fi house? A whole playlist of tunes that would be ace (of spades) releases on many a current house label? I wake up with a start but thankfully it wasn’t a dream. It was Ross From Friends‘ soundcloud Page.

Here are tracks that remind of this last summer’s rippers, on par in quality with their own little twists. This is the sound favoured by labels – and none of these tracks are released! The only track to buy/download (sans crime thank-you-very-much) that popped up when searching ‘ross from friends sick tunes’ was a remix of ‘Wallflower‘ by Maribou State. With a soundcloud comments section full of supporters and requests for download links, Ross remains a mystery. Take ‘Season 3: sounds a bit like a Mood Hut release, a beautiful summer tune with all the ingredients of greatness and the spice of inventiveness stirred in. Were it a Mood Hut release, I’m sure it would have sold like something that sells well.

Cowbells, background fizz, animal sounds, full synths, distorted vocals – there’s a lot going on in ‘What Happened? (To Love’s Duty). It’s all held together by mmm oh-so-juicy kicks beating out a rolling rhythm, punching through the fizzy, filtered high-mid soundscape to rescue the track from being jarring electronica to unfold as a stomper-monster. Like combining melon and ham, Ross From Friends turns ground hiss into a lovely musical element, although not edible.

Deeeeelish! I love melon, and excellent Lo-Fi House tunes. Maybe this is a statement? Maybe the only way to Lo-Fi is with a 128 kbps soundcloud stream and fuck this whole insistence on vinyl-only releases of tunes deliberately made to not sound clean! Or maybe Ross From Friends is just a side project of someone awesome and it’s totally obvious and I just massively dropped the ball on my music scene in-the-know-know-how-and-who-knowledge and I’m about to lose a lot of Respect points GTA2 shoutout.

Maybe I should just ask him? After messaging him on social meeds I’ve found out who he is – but all I’ll say is that he is London based, has a few aliases, and is working with Lobster Theremin on some upcoming EPs, featuring some of what is on the soundcloud now. He wanted me to keep all his other secrets.

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