SYN3A @ Voyage Voyage, Shalom Salon

No photos allowed, so I drew a picture to share with you.


Last Saturday, I watched and danced in the Schwarzer Raum of Salon zur Wilden Renate, as SYN3A soundtracked the construction of a pan-dimensional PVC tree, a ritual in acid beats in pumping techno form, punctuated by enunciation and live little shakers.

The combination of live music and live art installation drew us into a place far away from 0 meters sealevel, the surface of the planet, and into a mindspace of purpose in plastic, witnessing fearless creative enchantment.

(Photo received from Mandy Mozart, via

Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz (on the mic) and Mandy Mozart (on production) filled the room with energy, driving us on in a frenzy, somewhere between comforted and confused as we hear the spoken poetry and fully spaced out synths and samples flying around over the irresistible rhythm.

(Photo received from Mandy Mozart, via

SYN3A is their combined name, a homage to the first synthetic lifeform, the programmed Mycoplasma laboratorium. The twist between future forms challenging our ideas of life and the natural comes to full head in their track ‘La Era‘, with the spanish lyrics of Silvio Rodríguez’s soulful ballad La Era Está Pariendo Un Corazón reinvented over a furious acid beat.

This is from their album Exodus, which takes us deep into inner-psyche tripspace territory over the course of just five tracks.

SYN3A is the continuation of the previous group Cindy Sizer, whose music encapsulates many elements of psychedelia and world music. Their album Forever is an uplifting mélange of stylish grooves and surrealist smiles.

The label, Shalom Salon, run by Mandy Mozart, is a real trove of adventurous little releases, with a back catalog of releases by Mandy Mozart as well as jazz/hip hop bubblers by Anatol Atonal and Torky Tork, and totally worth a little dig around!

Special mentions for these tracks:

Mandy Mozart feat. Jlin Ko – Art of Anatomy

anatol Atonal – Sonntag

Torky Tork – Saladin

Now back to the tree: the immersive pull of the event’s elements combined, the space, the music, the construction… This is the real reason to go see this live. SYN3A and Voyage Voyage both deserve an eye out for future shows, as do the artists constructing the tree: x04x and Sara Radonja.