Brain Rays – Dobwalls Gateway Zone Vol.II


Brain Rays returns with more caustic grooves, teasing with a sound between industrial synthetic techno and minimal funk bass groove. With the guest appearance by Neil Landstrumm on the first track, it’s easy to guess where the inspiration for the punchy acidic techno comes from. The pair work the groove to the max in ‘Air Max‘, with a vocal sample saying ‘keep’ and high pitched acidic blips all over the stereo field. A funky slabby bassline invites you to keep moving on the dancefloor. Similarly, ‘Heavy Chino‘ invites you to ‘work it’ and ‘go to work’ immediately and ‘don’t be afraid to dance’ with various vocal snippets. The filtered beat and bass are a bit disco oriented and quite mellow, indeed welcoming everyone to the dancefloor with lots of positive vibes. Echoes of 80s synth mastery abound on this track which sounds lush, warm and crisp.

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