Holovr Live

Live sets within todays electronic music scene are beginning to influence a larger audience. It is people that set themselves out to build an intricate formulation of hardware, knowledge, ear and heart for sounds that work together that we are thankful for. Artists like Holovr are the beginning of further influence.

Daydream synth, rolling melodic percussion, charismatic and acidic arpeggiator sequences and distant bass are the essence of Holovr and his recorded live sets on NTS and at The Waiting Room.

Both sets have distinctive similarities, such as vocal samples, blissfully layered synths and persuasive percussion that are both fundamentally different and inherit a buoyant and melodic atmosphere. 

With a string of releases on both cassette and vinyl via Opal Tapes, Indole Records and Firecracker Recordings, Holovr has an incredible discography of sound that he has been able to further embed in his live sets, creating  free flowing arrangements that are inherently unique.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled on what Holovr has on offer over the coming year. With a release via Firecracker Records due at the end of the month, fingers crossed London and Europe get to experience his powerful live sets first hand in the coming months, in which case my body will be front right and my mind intertwined within the sounds generated.


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