La Vallée électrique Festival, 2018 edition

“Somewhere in the south of France lies an oasis of celebration that cuts off from the world and comes alive every year under July’s sun. During a weekend, cinema & electronic music collides with the cicadas sounds and dancers with the movements of nature, in a complete harmony.”

The festival is presented by System 11 association, in collaboration with Vibrance, DVNES, La Maiz, OYÉ, Populaar and Le Séquenceur.

Arriving early afternoon was the promise of an inspirational journey. Accessing the festival through the woods allowed a smooth immersion into the valley.

The music did not start on time due to late reception of electricity, however it did not stop attendees to gather and explore the venue. What is the problem in being lost in the woods without electricity for at least an instant?

When discovering the site, participant of the festival could enjoy four stages offering four different atmospheres and energies. 48 hours of music enabled all to catch each artist’s expression and their approach to electronic music.

The line-up offered an original yet eclectic range of artists, from local to international backgrounds. It was a pleasure to discover music from the Stockholm based artists Vicky Zissou and VBC [Vibrance] also artists such as the minimal duo name Loop Exposure who closed the Forest stage.


Between a few moves, participants had the opportunity to enjoy different activities. One could browse the vintage clothing merchandised under an artisanal tree house. Get the chance to discuss about the importance of sustainable fashion and also explore an audio space entirely dedicated to sound, as well as an audio course of introduction to field-recording organised by Le Séquenceur (association based in Lyon, France). In case none of these activities appealed to you, you could simply hike the surrounding mountains or enjoy a fresh swim through the river who runs through the valley.

With an emphasis on creating minimum waste while taking care of 500 festival-goers, the organisers have proclaimed their passion for music, nature and people.
To all electronic music and nature enthusiasts, this festival gives you a chance to reach your intimate desires and connect with yourself.

After all, don’t you want to feel the electricity in the valley too?

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