Blip Discs

Guttural, spleen-shaking bass juxtaposed with complex, rousing, afro-infused rhythms make Blip Discs one of our favourite new labels of 2015. Based in Leeds, the label specialises in exotic sounding and often bottom-heavy cuts and is on the cusp of dropping its third release. First on the scene was the hugely popular Tyrion/ Desmond’’s Empire release by artist O’Flynn, who had previously been featured on an Alias UK Bass compilation for the 2013 release ‘Mantle’, a rather more sterile, tech-house style bass track which was available digitally for free download. BLIP001 then far surpasses this early track in technical prowess and outright audacity. Both sides are fire.

The A side treats us to a potent yet simple bass driven track with worldy vocal and instrumental samples, heavy percussion and clever synthesis that delivers a buoyant, cosmic soundscape that would leave any dance floor locked in a 4am group embrace.

On the flip we have Desmond’s Empire, made popular as a staple in Four Tet’s sets including as the third track in his most recent Boiler Room. The track is an almost completely percussive piece of Latin American influence, with heavy use of a powerful timbale drum sample, designed to pervade through the heavy bass and kick underneath.

Available vinyl only on a limited pressing, this release flew off the shelves quicker than we at AS IF. could keep up with! However the arrival of BLIP002 from label boss Tom Blip entitled ‘Wrong Guanco‘​/​Shekere brought a welcome repress.

BLIP002 brought a rather more restrained but arguably more technically pleasing piece, which featured as a Boiler Room debut in light of the label’s growing popularity.

The third release, as previewed recently on James Blake’s Radio 1 residency is another from O’Flynn. Immediately reminiscent of Tyrion it brings the familiar bass and timbale and a similar structure but adds some interesting breaks and vocal samples.

If you missed the first two releases we at AsIf highly recommend you hit up Blip’s Bandcamp soon for BLIP003. Unless you want to mortgage your house for Tanmushimushi’s copy!