Man Made Hill

Man Made HillTotally Regular


Double Dippin

“When you come to my house to get down… everythings permitted, even double dippin’”

The everyday and the quaint meets the distorted and gross

Once you get to know the weird, you find he’s quite a friendly fellow

Funky basslines with frantic keys and discordant melodies with distorted vocals

Man Made Hill is Randy Gagne. He’s been doing this in Ontario, Toronto for years.

Most of his songs are around 3 minutes or less, featuring deliciously weird poetry lyrics in Scorched Gruel

“It ain’t so bad… after all. It ain’t so bad… it could be rabies or ebola.”

Wearing a mesh jumpsuit, a policemans cap, and a glove in which his microphone is 

In Tommy Thompson Park

Piercing winds coming from over the great lake

The cold was fueling his descent into the weird, fanning his gesticulating and screaming.

We saw him live at Against Life in Tommy Thompson park. After the Uber ride, we walk out through the dark for 30 mins to reach Man Made Hill’s freakish set – laughing, screaming existential disco blurting incomprehensible lyrics such as “delicate tetanus”. A pretty entertaining arrival.

– Afterwards: chatting with Man Made Hill about lyrics (turns out it’s “Delicate Dennis”) and about the meaning of the event name, Against Life. Daniel claims it’s about being against the mainstream and “it’s just a joke, I guess”.



Slightly Related Bonus Track: ‘Golden Teacher ‘- Divine (remix)

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