Masaki Uchida – Xenolinguistics (Loose Lips)


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Short Story to Xenolinguistics

Leading you down the pristine white corridors, as the sounds of the world outside fade into a stir of distant noises, a tall calming lady in a large white medical jacket slowly takes you along the narrow lifeless hallway. As haunting screams pierce the walls behind and above you, your anxious arrival at Room 254 is followed by a slight nudge into the door, whereupon you nervously open it and walk over to the bed, before the flick of a light switch exposes you to utter darkness for the night.

Waking to the same screams which followed you into the room the day before, a haunting light streams through the soulless room onto a table with several devices thoughtfully placed around and on it. Giving yourself a moment to gather your thoughts, questioning how you ended up here and what is in front of you, strange electronics ring out and vibrate through the room, creating an uneasy queasiness.

As if it is counting down the moments until a momentous occasion, the static inside the holding room transforms into a thunderous roar and squelch; as the serene morning sunlight that shines through the small rectangular window above your head, gives you the feeling that somehow you will find yourself in a better scenario than now. As the high voltage fusion of sounds disperse into a heavy silence, the locked door holding you in is opened by the tall lady of the following evening.

Leading you out with the sunlight still in your soul, you are taken through the pristine corridors of what can only be described as a multi-functional testing facility. Taking a step into the elevator, the light that slightly pierced through your window earlier follows you, bursting through the thick glass in front, as you are taken up three floors that overlook a lush and dense rainforest; relaxing your nerves and reconfirming your previous positivity.

As the elevator doors behind you open to a room full of strange electronic equipment, which fills every  millimetre of the surrounding walls, three men slowly walk up and greet you in what can be only perceived to you as noise, mumbled out of unhinged grins behind false fulfilling souls. Guiding you to a steel table and chairs, where you hesitantly take a seat, amidst the whirls of clean electronic transmissions the three men begin to talk and point to various things held within the room, before a slow piercing pain runs through your neck.

Waking up in your holding room in a hot and sweaty confusion turned panic, the device the following evening is attached to your skull with wires stemming out of your arms. Amidst blurry vision and an altered perception of time, an unordinary wave of convoluted soft electronics swirl through your brain, before sending you into an overdrive of relentless convulsions.

With frayed wires sticking out of several parts of your body, sending, receiving and recording each signal that comes in or out; the strange frequencies that you pick up are scribed down on paper in front of you, by you. As what can only be interpreted as nonsense scribbled down in an alien alphabet, your uncontrollable urge to put across some distorted message subsides.

Slowly walking over with a mixed expression of shock and achievement, one of the men you met upstairs earlier picks up the messy piece of paper you frantically etched at, holds it close to his face and in complete bewilderment, runs out of the room.

With your perception of time still altered and vision slightly distorted, the sound of a thousand machines working all at once intensely stirs through your ears, reforming that uneasy feeling you had this morning when you woke up. And under the frantic bleeps of the computers, you begin to hear a faint conversation between the two men in front of you.

Mummering about how they can up the doses of LSD in correlation with enhancing the radio frequencies being sent out, in order to establish a stronger connection between the subject and the unknown receiver, extraordinary sounds ring out, corresponding with your anxiety.

As you begin to sober up, ideas on how to escape run through your mind at a rate which distracts you from the question of how you arrived in this situation and the constant mental battle to block out the extreme electronic sounds. There seems to be no way out. You are stuck being the subject of an unknown experiment, scribing out in an alien language in order to enlighten the men who are using you for their own benefit to first make contact with an alien species.


On remix duties for this project are Loose Lips residents Rico Casazza and T-Scale, both of whom have a knack for fleshing out obscure production. In this case Casazza and T-Scale break apart and piece together sounds from two different tracks from Masaki Uchida’s Xenolinguistics, and manage to make them both their own.

London based Casazza compliments the haunting soundscapes of Uchida’s opening track ‘Logos‘ with chopped up percussion and bass giving it an experimental dancefloor groove. Meanwhile T-Scale tackles the already chaotic ‘Black Puzzle‘, which gets a relentless four-and-a-half-minute extension from the Skopje-based producer, taking the eerie elements of the original and compressing them into a grotesque horror-like soundtrack that shocks you every second.

Masaki Uchida tells a story of Xenolinguistics through a genre-defying collection of sounds.  Complimentary to Uchiha’s imagination and technical skills, the Loose Lips supported limited cassette and digital release is Uchiha’s inaugural LP and is as dark as it is masterful, with a heavy focus on distorted electronics pulsating through beat and beat-less arrangements. The whimsical and theatrical LP digs deep into an array of psychedelic and experimental sonics, creating its own incomparable benchmark within a newly formed genre. However, the faint hearted need be aware of its energetic and unpredictable bursts of welcomed electronic madness.

Masaki Uchida’s Xenolinguistics is out now via Loose Lips 


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