Mid-Week Selections: Set Openers

We’ve been busy picking out tunes for our live-stream @ The Dock Studio’s facebook page, on Monday  8th May, 7-9 pm (London time) // 8-10 pm (Berlin) // 4-6 am (Syd/Melbs) // 2-4 pm (Toronto)

During hearty head-scratching over which track to open with, we realised to our horror that you can only open once, only play one opening tune… So we decided to post up what we were thinking of playing here and share all potential beginnings.

Tune in to find out which tune we actually play! We don’t know yet either.


Ian’s Selections:

I often go for jazz to open with – instrumentals and then a beat to start warming up. I feel like it’s pretty versatile, allowing for up- or downbeat mixes.
Also, starting a set with applause is always satisfying.


Thomas’ Selections:


Blake’s Selections:


Furoar (aka Crispian)’s Selections:

Old mate Furoar has a real nose for treasure-tracks – and a sick beat-tape coming soon!