Mid-Week Selections: Discordance in Music

When listening to music, there is an immediate expectation that the singular layers of sound put together by an artist or collective will sound harmonious, and create a piece that even an untrained ear would be able to recognise as music, rather than a blend of noises. Pushing the boundaries of noise and what is listenable, discordance in music for us at AS IF. NO WAY! is a welcomed sound. Here are some of our favourite tethered, dis-functional tracks.

Blake’s Selections:

From the quirky to the nostalgic and meditative. Each layer screams for attention whilst together they fossilise a unique atmosphere – a progressional, transforming sequence of noises that create a strange clarity. As unusual as each track sounds, they all make sense.

Thomas’ selections:

Jazz, by nature, is an experimental genre, and one that looks to dissonance to violate expectation and create tension. The first two tracks are by legends of free jazz and avant-garde jazz, their frenzied soloing using all manner of harmony and disharmony contribute to the chaotic feel and mounting suspense, generally leading to a beat down section sporting a more consonant feel.

The third track is an early Led Bib track, showing similar transitions to free jazz / avant-garde jazz and post-bop, but in modern jazz, though with Led Bib’s signature punk feel.

My second three are some quite leftfield drone/techno tracks, that with their atonal nature and sense of foreboding, represent discordance through musical dissonance but also in a more abstract context through the building feeling of disquiet.

Ian’s Selection’s:

Screaming and yelling, speaking – just as sick as singing. In dissonance, there’s something comfortable about discomfort.