Mid-Week Selections – Trashy Music

So we had the idea of making a playlist of ‘trashy’ music –
not trash like garbage like bad…
trashy like thrashy like dirty like BAD.

We could also probably call this a list of no-fucks music
(or maybe more appropriately many-fucks music).

Trashy is pretty subjective – another man’s treasure and all that.
But we reckon this covers a good spectrum, and included an r’n’b/pop section at the bottom too.

So get ready for pouty lips, moans, obscenities and insults, and blatant celebration of the nether parts!

Let us know if you’re offended, or get otherwise ‘worked up’…


Thomas’ Selections:

I’ve selected some classic rave trash that is guaranteed to make you cringe, there’s some gold in there though (underneath all the garbage). – Take the acid bassline in the Sonique track, it certainly does ‘Feel So Good‘.

Blake’s Selections:


Ian’s Selections:

Yoko Ono covering Lady Gaga with shrieking orgasmic moans? Arty-trashy
Thundercat flying into a cat’s anus and shooting his dick off? Acid-trashy
20 Fingers ft. Gillette brutally mocking small penises? Sassy-trashy


Bonus R’n’B Selection (thanks Pia & Rosie!):