Mount Liberation Unlimited

So great!

With two releases now out since 2014, Mount Liberation Unlimited (Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon) are coming at us from Sweden, delivering sunny house vibes to remind us that up there has long long summer days as well as winter nights.

Take their track ‘Clinton Space Funk’ – following the tradition* of bizarro contemporary shitty-effects video of them in slacker outfits (including dresses) jauntily performing their tune, they place themselves as self-ironic, tongue-in-cheek humour with a sunny wink. The hyper-irony is left behind when it comes to the music though, delivering straight-up honest euphoric tunes set to unite dancefloors and elicit hugs, whoops, grins, and hands in the air as the spiralling keys and bongo drums shoot colours into our ears and minds.

Clinton Space Funk is from their first EP, Astro Travelling Through Life, which exploded on ‘Junk Yard Connections’. The release is completed by two B-side tracks, ‘Astro Travelling Through Life’, and ‘Sound and Vision’. The pair demonstrate a breadth of style even in the debut release for a great listen all throughout.

The duo returned in 2015 with a release on Superconscious Records: The Trail to Life Goes Up. The EP title holds true for the A-side track ‘Polyphonic Spree ‘which is such a tune!! It made me buy the record before I had even heard the B-side. I just snagged the last copy of the repress at Bikini Wax Records (shout out to Gert! Bikini Wax is sick!!) which is good because their first EP is suuuuper expensive and number 2 could well go the same way – although Superconscious have been squeezing out plenty of copies and prices are still juicy low. I’m going to play it in full to go from a steady techno vibe to straight up euphoric shit in your face and it’s going to be great. And the video! More antics in low quality video, featuring yellow raincoats, strange wooden characters, and many sexy pex-flexes.

The B-side takes on a much more edgy flavour, starting off more mellow in ‘Glow On’ before some indie influences poke through and burst out in a grand little prod.

‘Munk Funk’ rounds the EP out with full crunchy sound in quite the different character from what’s been heard from MLU so far.

Apparently the two are proper actual trained musicians, with indie band experience before this dance music project of theirs. The expertise shows, with stellar sound and layered melodies throughout. A new favourite of mine for sure! If you’re in Europe, they play live fairly often, with a show at Berghain under their belt(s) and a few summer festival spots coming up. If their soundcloud recordings are anything to judge by, the two have a lot of sounds and vibes to give beyond what’s been pressed and put out.

*For other examples of this kind of humour (so deadpan. is it even meant to be funny or is it just me finding it hilarious?), see Zanzibar Chanel, Andras Fox, Lapti & Nocow, Francis Inferno Orchestra, and many more that I would love to hear about from you – comment or send an email to



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