Premiere: Scar Polish – Jet Shifts In The World (

Short Story

The protective gel hardens around my eyeballs as I tilt backwards with the ship, pointing up up and away.

Now the horizon is a vertical line across my view, one half totally black, the other thick blue as a dream.

Boosters firing, the spots in the blackness become streaks with my motion.

I look out the starboard porthole at the speck of the moon that was our summer together.


Squelches, spinny synths and slow-motion-onset sounds are what I can describe of the abstract spaces between verses. Gentle strummed guitar chords bring the alien soundscape into the calming sensation of floating in water.

And then a drum beat, bouncy guitar riff, and lo-fi indie vocals blast off into a colourful adventure, evocative of spaceship roadtrips and outer-planetary moon-rises.

The dreaminess blends for an abstract optimism, like smiling at the bright spots in your eyes after staring at the sun.

Jet Shifts In The World‘ is the closing track of Scar Polish‘s debut tape EP Science Friction, on, coming this Friday 25/01/2019 at Loophole in Berlin.

Release party here

Tape purchase here

and coming 01/02/2019 in digital – pre-order here

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