Sonderr – ‘All My Dreams’

The debut EP from Sydney duo Sonderr (kyle kenn & cranioid) has landed with a splash, making waves across the planet (premiers of separate tracks on STW, The Ransom Note, and Les Yeux Orange) and being released by new London label Axe Traxx, a sub-label of Axe on Wax. It’s not hard to see why: 4 wicked tunes, neatly cohesive and distinctly varied, make for a strong release on both A and B side.

Side A kicks off with ‘Finding Time’ and a Mall Grab remix on the same side. Stomping lo-fi rhythms and a rolling beat pull on the earlobes to create a hollow space in the auditory brain centres, an empty gap that becomes, just for a twitch of an instant, consciously noticeable. Watch out when the kick drops in and the synth returns with force, bliss blowing you away as you brace against the swooping sounds washing over the delicate emptiness opened up for it.

(Note: this soundcloud platylist starts with the title track, actually on the B side.)

The Mall Grab remix is a kaleidoscopic dance floor traveller, eyes closed and grins firmly on as you spiral into groove, body moving to match.


On sideB, the title track ‘All My Dreams’ reminds me of an old comment MCDE made about bringing the soul back into house and techno – Sonderr do the same or opposite here, putting the hectic back into soulful. I have heard so many stomping soul edits lately; Safe to say this stands head above the rest, and it’s well refreshing to hear someone get it so right.

‘1993’ – the track’s name and the video by OOUKFunkyOO of people doing silly things around water filmed on old home video-looking stuff aptly capture the playful nostalgic feeling. Really though, the track could also be named ‘fuckin sick sounds that can be made with drum hats yes tune mate’, with plenty of tape hiss and a flowing rhythm thrown in for good measure.

This one’s out on white label, 500 copies limited release. There is talk of a bandcamp download to come at some time in the future, but for the full lo-fi sound on wax, don’t hang about too long – the release is charting around the place, even hitting #1 on Juno. A stellar debut, the boys must reckon they’re dreaming now. Check out their soundcloud for downloads of their previous stuff for more Lo-fi gooditties.

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