V-Stók – Lift Off (Pitch White Records)

Short Story

Walking along a baron highway, as the sun gleams through the dust particles and detritus kicked up by austere vehicles that speed past, shaking the ground beneath you; Your surroundings only just visible through a dense haze. Nearing the vast machine that many have dubbed ‘the escape’, the last visible evidence of an earth-based civilisation becomes a spec on the horizon, a lonesome shell slowly immersing itself into the earth with every step you take forward… towards progression? Or annihilation?  

For centuries, colonising space was merely fiction, a fantasy that provided a form of escapism for those whom found no satisfaction on our unstable and unsustainable earth. Technological progress brought this nebulous vision into reality. Walking up to a large congregation of humans, with selected portions of their life packaged for spaceflight and hurled onto the infertile soil, as the first liftoff is about to take place.  

Following successful multi-generational labour and experimentation, the first mass fleet of homo sapiens are to take flight into space and board Lift Off. A human made sustainable world, capable of supporting an ever-growing population, a space utopia conceptualised by the mid 20th century Homo Sapiens and materialised by the 22nd 

As the first of many spacecraft takes off, despite a shudder of noise and vibrations that violently imbed themselves through your flesh into your bones, the accumulation of nerves are relinquished into euphoria as the first ship hits the mesosphere.  

Watching as the spacecraft hurtles into the thermosphere, adrenaline courses through your body and the thought that your time on this planet is coming to an end materialises, a sense of déjà vu comforts you, like watching a busy airport runway endlessly send and receive aircraft like the ebb and flow of the tide. The next grouping of people, including yourself are directed through the gates of the facility, onto the spacecraft that begins to appear amongst the settling smoke and dust.  

Buckled into your seat, with the grinding roar of mechanics piercing through your ear guards, the distant roar of the first airborne spacecraft entering the exosphere pulses down to earth and through the cabin of your spaceship. You exhale through the clamour before the deafening silence that precedes your own departure…take off.  


London based hardware magician V-Stók, recorded his debut ep Lift Off in one take as a continuous performance and has released it via Pitch White Records.  Balancing droning and experimental electronics, pulsating bass and percussion, with shoe gazing guitar that moulds core melodies into energetic techno influenced atmospheres. Lift Off  is not only inegenious in its creation yet struttles together unique sonic arrangements and rhythms, individualistic amongst a formulae of sounds.

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