Bon Voyage, Voyage Voyage

Does knowing something won’t last, really make it better?

What if it was already really great?

The final night!

After 8 years, the party series Voyage Voyage is coming to a close with a last night this Saturday at Salon zur Wilden Renate.

The series, organised by two of Renate’s in-house crew, maintained a special status in the club’s party roster and only occurred every 2 months – “It was more special for being rarer”, tells me Bene, aka. The Swift, co-host. “I could play crazier selections, I had that confidence there.”

With an international ear and a nose for a good trip, these were tight lineups, boasting DJs and live acts from around the creative corners of club dance music. Traces of a large cosmos of dance echo through their lineups, both in origin and sound of their acts.

A sense of explorative adventure seems a big part of Voyage Voyage. Case in point, this recent guest mix for No Strings Attached by co-host 22Rockets, who’s geared up for a open-ended set on Sunday:

Space noises, train noises, car noises, cowbells, in-yo-face funk, and a cosmic-psychedelic disco dance set with a club edge. What I really found at Voyage Voyage was the marriage of big club dance power with trippy outsider sounds. There’s enough power for a big romp, enough quirk for a fun listen, and just enough kitsch to be awesome like a DeLorean.

Taking us on a journey!

And who doesn’t love getting on a plane?

It’s a shame there will be no more of these gem parties – but goodbyes make the heart swell, the last moments seem sweeter, and the memories etched deeper.

Maybe the best parts of any journey are the beginning and the end. Melancholia for change, nostalgia for the present, appreciation for the past, excitement for the future.

What will the future hold?

In the short term, a sick night.

So we say:
Bon Voyage!

Stay tuned to find out more in our upcoming retrospective of the series with The Swift and 22Rockets. 

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