Premiere: Ciel – Little Noise (Junted)


The shuddering of the ground should be alarming. Yet this whole town would not be as close a community if it was not for the strange natural occurrence. The low frequency rumbling, traditionally termed ‘Little Noise‘, occurs throughout each evening, once the shadows retreat into the earth. On special occasions, from full moons to birthdays and religious holidays, the town joins in with ‘Little Noise’, creating an energetic, celebratory composition of sounds. At the stroke of midnight, the small gathering of people with their chosen instruments gives purpose to the unexplained rumble of the soil for an energetic five and a half minutes of the night.

Boasting electronics pulsate around breakbeat percussion and deep bass, creating a quirky and energetic dance floor mover, in Ciel‘s latest release ‘Little Noise’. The Toronto based Ciel has gifted a high octane dance floor mover to new coming label Junted run by Marshall Applewhite for their debut various artist cassette and digital release due for release November the 3rd. Junted have pieced together 27 tracks, ranging from sludge, techno, bass, noise and hip-hop, for what is an tasteful eclectic release.  We at As If. No Way! present you a taster of some of the textures Junted are offering, with the first being Ciel’s bass heater ‘Little Noise’.

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