Premiere: CZ. ALLEE – Black Snake Whip (INDEX:Records)

Short Story

Under the heat of the summer sun the ALLEE people work to restore their ravaged village. Like ants working out of an anthill every person executes their role. The crumbling brickwork and sparse open land with green tinted mountains watching down on the village, is the home of thousands and still stands strong despite attacks by government drones.

Beads of sweat race down your face and roll off your chin, bursting against the ground below. Watching your sweat dissolve into the soil triggers thoughts on the years of turmoil your people have experienced at the hands of conflict. As black clouds approach the sky above, everyone scrambles for shelter before the rain soaks in with the blood and sweat that your village stands on.


The latest release coming out of the Index: Records camp is a 6-track record from the Berlin Based, Auckland raised Black Snake Whip. We present you A1, ‘CZ. ALLEE’ of the self titled ep. ‘CZ. ALLEE’ is a building piece that twists through estranged electronics, tangled together with steady bass and crashing percussion, evoking a mysterious atmosphere.

The exception ep by Black Snake Whip is out on the 29th of May, cop your physical or digital copy here.

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