Premiere: K2 (Kyle Hall & Kero) – 19FT (Detroit Underground)

Short Story

Dense, toxic air holds together the still, uninhabited industrial landscape as the River Rouge softly flows by, attempting to wash away the grit compacted into the soil that the island stands on. You have been here before. Everything is familiar, except for the rumbling emanating from the centre of the grey, rustic shackled structures. Formulating a new, coarse atmosphere of noise and vibrational patterns that hauntingly shake the kilometres of steel surrounding you. Myth has it that those who are buried beneath have cursed the wasteland for eternity. For any people and wildlife that attempt to use the island will be tormented by illness, in spite of the dead’s treatment centuries ago.  As you wander the gloomy land, in an effort to bless the island and uplift the curse before sunset, a sudden swirl of dizziness sweeps over you before you blackout, falling onto a bed of metal.


Kyle Hall and Kero are back under their combined alias K2 with a raw, acidic, breakbeat brain-bender; They return 5 years on from their Zug Island release, inspired by a risky trip to Zug Island in Detroit. We at As If. No Way! are excited to premiere ‘19ft‘ from K2’s newest EP Zug Tools, a two track vinyl and digital release on Detroit Underground. This 8-minute squelcher throttles through hazardous hardware that explores the derelict landscape of Detroit’s Zug Island.  

Pick up the physical copy via Juno.

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