Premiere: Kronom – Beton I (Faster Than Music)

Short Story

Five people sit around a table with a red lamp that creates a mysterious shadow inside the wooden walls of the woodland cabin. As you slowly shuffle closer across the forest floor,  the sounds of sticks, bark and leaves crunching underneath your feet and the soft hum of deep vocals resonate through the air. With your eyes fixated on the the shadow, following the feeling that there is something peculiar about it, that it holds something supernatural.

A sudden blast like sound emanates from the cabin, ricocheting throughout the forest and halting you in your path. Noticing that the 5 men have disappeared along with the shadow, a feeling of panic sweeps over you before the shadow reappears, out on the trunk of a distant tree. Confused, you rush over to a large bush to peek out over at the shadow from a safer spot, as the unknown entity intensely dances around. Swirling amidst the leaves under the moon, in search for a body to occupy, its presence recedes as a thick cloud covers the white light of the night. With the darkness, a sanctifying atmosphere settles for a brief moment, before the bright light returns along with the shadow, unknowingly behind you, finding its prey and a body to possess.


Beton I‘ is allusively dark. The sweeping almost wind like sounds hold it away from being strictly heavy, as pounding bass, almost non existent percussion, mysterious synths and samples drive it into a welcomingly bleak atmosphere. The Skopje based producer Kronom, as apart of Skopje based label Faster Than Music’s first release, a label focused on helping give Skopje based producers greater exposure to the rest of the world, has pieced together a sublime opening track to the four track various artist release.

FTM001 is out no via their Bandcamp 

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