Premiere: Microwave – Pauline (Jitter Jazz Records)


Short Story

Clumsily brushing the picture frames hung up on the wall  you race down the stairs, over to turn off the microwave that you stupidly left on for much longer than it was needed. Swinging open the kitchen door, smoke frantically bellows out, encasing the whole kitchen in a hazy mess as a high pitch ringing softly deafens you.

Pacing through the smoke with your shirt covering your mouth, you pick up a photo of your late grandma, her cheerful smile glows through the now dense haze pouring out of your microwave in the corner of the room. After placing the photograph in the living room, you quickly make your way to the kitchen sink, filling up the closest deep object with water, extinguishing the small mess of a fireball. If only grandma was still around to cook, microwaveable meals would not make their way out of the freezer.


‘Microwave’ jitters through wavy electro bass, soothing synth melodies and quirky samples that float throughout, forming a six and half minute mind melter suitable for any dance-floor. The humble and mysterious Paulinethrough clear production, has developed an expressive and enjoyable piece of music that

Pauline’s debut release via Brighton’s Jitter Jazz Recordings is an exciting five track ep that works through moving electronica and funky baselines suitable for at home listening, to a club. Check the full ep via their bandcamp here

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