Premiere: Vase – Primes (INDEX:Records)

Short Story

Observing the obscure shadows through trees that are created by the bright white light shining from full moon, its soft shimmering presence through the leaves is calming. Fluttering before your eyes, unable to engage the shadows characters, chiming crickets, tweeting birds, distant screeches of unknown animals and the coo of an owl brings life into the forest floor. Gradually, the figures formed by the moons light rise into 3D figures in front of you, swaying the to beat of the forest before resting back into the dense soil of the mystical woodlands, re-setting the eco-systems fragile cycle.


VASE, experimenting with field recordings, a soft percussive rhythm that gradually enters, atmospherical synths and relaxing expeimental sounds has established a contorted downtempo piece of music overflowing with energy. ‘Primes’ is the second track off of the Berlin Based, South American raised producers latest Dorsal ep, supported by Manchester/Berlin based label Index Records. ‘Primes’ is delicate. It is sensitive. It is a homage to the calmness of the night and all the living creatures that thrive under the moonlight far away from any human.

Pre order your copy of the ep here. Out July 31st!


What influenced Dorsal ep? 

Sound installations and some old recordings I found. I was trying to imitate physical textures and materials with analogue synthesizers. Trying to recreate water, air, wood, etc using different types of resonance and noise.

What is your recording process like?

I usually begin with rhythms and work from there, but in some of the tracks for this EP i played more with textures and ambience. For Dorsal and Primes, i experimented with layering field recordings i made in New Zealand. Aviolet and Kinto were recorded in a more straightforward way of contrasting sounds and layering synths from my modular.

How do you perform live?

I bring a small modular case, my sequencer and maybe some FX and 606. I like the idea of working around the few things you have as a whole instrument.

Are there any concepts behind Dorsal ep? 

I’ve always been attracted to strange rhythms and ambient recordings. I wanted both to meet. I had been obsessed with creating primitive percussion sounds using just overdriven filters, and realized how they could mix with my field recordings. When my friends started INDEX:records a while ago, I loved their concept and mindset. I knew it would be the best platform for releasing this type of material.

How does music help you feel like you belong to a city?

I always moved around a lot. So belonging is strange concept. I think in terms of stimulation, and musically Berlin is stimulating for a wide range of music and people. Belonging sounds almost negative to me.



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