Coalesce w/ DJ Eliot

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As If. No Way! returns to The Brewhouse for a second coalescence. A merging of musical, visual, and performed arts from beyond the norm. Explore new connections with us in an intimate and lucid sphere.


£3 OTD

19:30 – 02:00


DJ Eliot

DJ Eliot is a visual artist and music enthusiast living in London. With a sensitive ear to all things deep and danceable, she’s involved in record labels, collectives and parties such as Coastal Haze, Rotations and graced the radio airwaves on Worldwide FM, Balamii and Radar Radio.


Based in London, Sweedish born producer Aircode has an ear for the mere obscure, testing and charismatic sounds of the music world, with such influences including Laurel Halo, Smerz, Alice Coltrane and Oranised Kaos, Aircode brings her eclectic taste for the first time to Coalesce.

As If. No Way!

Team As If. No Way! are on full roster for this night, with Ian Erik burning kerosene to fly across the channel, records and USB sticks in hand. The trinity complete, As If. No Way! will be championing the unexpected, the original, the unheard of, music from all over time and space.

Visuals on the night by Dan Rowan-Smith

Stimulating quirky animations that react to the sound of the room, Chelsea Collage of Art graduate Dan Rowan Smith using MaxMSP, engages your visual senses through a glitch of psychedelic and charismatic visuals.

Art exhibited by Jonnie Harris

Jonnie Harris is a freelance illustrator, based in south London. Dealing mainly in portrait and figure work, his intricate pieces draw influence from the Golden Pudel’s Alex Solman and Hergé’s ligne-clair style. His work has been shared by Funkineven, the Zenker Brothers and Yussef Dayes, amongst others.

(Special thanks to Jonnie on his wonderful poster art.)

Performance art on the night by Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner is a graduate performance artist in London. Holly has previously worked with a variety of mediums including avant garde, sound, dance, sculpture, film and installation. Her practice tends to develop through concepts and she loves to mess around with time, space and place in her choreography and installation set up. She often practices site-specific dance in her local spaces which fascinate her, as well as a variety of places she stumbles across on solo travels abroad. These improvised dance studies allow her to freely explore a variety of spaces through her movement and to absorb the different energy and sounds in the time she is there. This allows her movement to become a reflection of the qualities she sees within the space. Moving in this way to her is like an exchange of energy, creating a connection between her the place she inhabits. Any performance material becomes an ode to the place she found. She has a couple of these studies in the form of dance films on Vimeo on these links: From these site-specific studies, she usually takes film, photos and notes down her observations to be moulded into a poetic score which then dictates her choreography and installation for any performances about the place thereafter. For this particular performance Holly has collected a variety of abstract photographs and films of urban textures and wants to comment on the sheer diversity and complex industrial nature of the city through projection and dance. Being brought up in the country lead to many of her previous works paying tribute to abandoned land and being lost in open space, so this will be something totally new for her to explore.

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