Coalesce w/ Leeu (Live)

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Taking over The Light Arch in London Fields, Johannesburg based Leeu, As If. No Way!, Promontorian, Dan Rowan-Smith with visuals and Beatriz Puppo Amo exhibiting art on the evening. This is shaping up to be an intimate and inclusive affair where we will be exploring deep worldly soundscapes, providing a platform where the relationship between both visual and musical art can Coalesce.

We at As If. get especially excited over talented live acts, so when we heard Leeu was residing in Berlin for a month delivering his unique set at the likes of Katerblau, Club Chalet and Somethingslow it would have been rude not to fly him over for his debut London performance.

Free entry

19:30 – 02:00



Leeu is a steadfast of original Suid Tronica, paints heart across a range of rhythm and tone that shakes the ear, foot and soul.
Leeu is formally a music producer, and now more recently a live performer. Living in South Africa we cannot deny the deep rhythms nestled around our horizons. With this as a foundation for his expression, his music reminds people that sound and frequency is the universal collective. This idea and inspiration is carried throughout his Life. An exhibitionist whose inner child has a knack for making sounds . His music has been uploaded, downloaded, remixed, and replayed. If you’re seeking warm hearted grooves, his rhythms are in cyberspace. Leeu has been making electronic music since 2005, when he was first handed a copy of FL Studio. With a background in drumming, he found that he now had the opportunity to “create a whole atmosphere of sound, to tell a whole story instead of being limited to a single instrument.” He started out as a hip hop producer for various inspiring underground Johannesburg artists at the time under the moniker Lex Orbit. Alex’s sound began to evolve and take shape over time and with experience, into something more dance-based, heavily influenced by African rhythm and culture, World culture and space. “I fell in love with frequency, realising its potential to uplift the human experience”, he elaborates. Alex takes influence from a wide variety of traditional South African sounds, musical genres and instruments while using electronic music as a vehicle. His journey took him to Norway for 3 years, where he made the ultimate transition from Lex Orbit to Leeu – a persona and identity that he connects and associates with on a much deeper and personal level.

As Leeu he has performed alongside some of South Africa´s most talented producers and artists, playing at festivals and concerts throughout the country And opening for headlining Artists such as Little Dragon, Frivolous, Stimming, HVOB and Tom Misch.

As If. No Way! DJ’s: Blake Creighton, Thomas Smith (Fizzy Pillespie) & Crispian Robinson (Furoar).

Having only been paired since January this year by what could only have been destiny, Blake & Thomas’ (2/4 of AS IF. NO WAY!) musical taste, collection and knowledge has intertwined with running their own website. Third member Crispian Robinson (Furoar) brings with him a goody bag bursting with flavour and taste from the UK and Australian underground. The final ¼ is filled by Berlin based Ian Erik (Kian).
Thomas and Blake bring their eclectic selection together once a month at 199radio and on the off occasion at The Docks Studios.


London-based DJ and producer playing everything from house to afrobeat.


Visuals on the night by Dan Rowan Smith

Stimulating quirky animations that react to the sound of the room, Chelsea Collage of Art graduate Dan Rowan Smith using MaxMSP, engages your visual senses through a glitch of psychedelic and charismatic visuals.

Art exhibited on the night by Beatriz Puppo Amo

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