As If. No Mixtapes! Vol. 5 : Graintable

PortlandOR based producer Graintable recently released his debut LP  Herons via Ransom Note Records late April, cop it here. It’s a journey through synth driven ambient and solemn arpeggios. Dipping and diving through dark progressive melodies whilst retaining a cinematic atmosphere created through field recordings, giving the record a further sense of feeling. Following the release of Herons we sent some questions to the innovative producer which is accompanied by a 45 minute mixtape.

What did you want to explore throughout this mix?  
Some recent vinyl purchases heavy on the drone/ambient/new age vibe.
How does your environment impact your music? 
Quite a bit. I think “Herons” is very much a product of the Pacific Northwest. A lot of the tracks were inspired by and/or include field recordings from the region.
You have been working on herons for the past two years, mostly late at night and recording it in one take. Tell us a little bit more about the production process of herons. 
I started getting into the hardware synth thing a few years ago and would record little sound design sessions, just messing around with a sequence or two. Sometimes it would evolve into something.
Are there any deeper ideas embedded in your album Herons?  
Not really. I think going back to the environment thing, it’s just about being inspired by your surroundings and using music to put that energy back out there.
What does your music mean to you?
I guess it’s like a therapeutic thing? I just like creating stuff.
Tell us a little bit about Portland’s current music scene and your experience living in the city.  
I feel like the scene for underground music is pretty decent considering the size of the city. There’s a lot of micro crews supporting each other while exploring different genres.
Frank Perry — ‘Deep Peace Of The Flowing Air To You ‘– Deep Peace
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement — ‘A Cursed Leaf Under The Pillow Of A Victim’ — Jungle Black Magic And Highlands Green Sorcery
Paul Winter — ‘Trilogy’ — Common Grounds
Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith — Celestial Cathedral — Inner Rhythms
Steve Halpern — ‘Starborn Suite’ — Starborn Suite
Ambienti Coassiali — ‘Room 1’ — Vol. 1 Room 1-6
Vakulism — Afternoon — Edelweiss Reflection
Trevor Horn, Paul Morely, With The Art Of Noise — ‘Moments In Love’ — Moments In Love

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