Coalesce w/ Avsluta (Live) & Doppelate

Coalescing at The Glove That Fits: As If. No Way! bring you an evening of experimental soundscapes featuring a rare live set from Avsluta, immersive projections and installation by Lucrezia Chiarle and supporting DJ sets from Doppelate & As If. No Way! DJs

£5 otd ///  20:00-00:30 

Avsluta (Live) 

Avsluta is an intimate electronic music project of London based sound artist Lucie Stepankova. On the threshold of ambient, progressive electronic and gently beat infused, Avsluta merges dense cinematic atmospheres, patiently emerging layers of repetition and haunting sonic incidents into emotionally charged electro-acoustic compositions. Lucie works with analogue synthesis, field recordings and sampling and leaves space for delicate improvisation to create an absorbing sonic universe which is at the same time immersive, fragile and melancholic. 


With diverse releases on labels such as X-Kalay, Let’s Go Swimming and Share XL, London inhabitant Doppelate will be blending a selection of freak unique sounds and music to fit the basement’s energy on the night.


Warming the basement with eclectic sounds ahead of the evening’s performances 

Lucrezia Chiarle

Lucrezia Chiarle is an Italian visual artist based in London.

After graduating in Moving Image at CSM, her work and research evolved, directed by a strong  fascination with mysticism, rituality and the intricate mechanism behind the natural world. In her art practice she approaches different mediums such as video making, painting, tattooing and immersive installations. 

The water installation presented on the evening is aiming to connect with the soundscape reshaping reality through organic means.

Instagram: Lucrezia__chi

Iveta Sedlakova

London based photographer whose inquiring spirit recently immerses herself into a deep exploration of mystical physical world. Since she has become one with the universe, she has continued dancing through realms, in which she explores a hidden non-human objects that happed to be a transcendental reconnection with nature. The message of this constantly developing wittily cosmic series advocates state of mindfulness, while pointing out the urgent importance of taking care of our fragile enviroment and future.

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