Premiere: Bouter Wailey – Pondoo & Polar Kid (Jitter Jazz)

Short Story

Still blindfolded as you take a step onto the hot asphalt out of the car. With a gun heavily pressed into your ribs forcing you to walk forward, the loud growl of the car engine rides off into the distance. Pushing you onto what now feels like wood, the creatures remain angered after you took all their money in an illegal game of poker in a strangers basement the night before. Their foreign gargling voices echoe in the room. Shoved onto a wooden chair as a second gun is pulled, it’s cold barrel lightly pressed on your cheek before your blindfold is ripped off. You are greeted by three, slimy, wrinkly faces and posed with the question of ‘Where is Bouter Wailey?

With your mind racing and heart beating fast, the room begins to rumble. The machines stacked against the wall behind the alien beings begin to sound. ‘Where is Bouter Wailey?!?’. Your mind searches for the last time you saw him. The image of a streetlight lighting up his face vividly appears in your conscious. The dark brickwork of the houses that make up your street shadow him, as he yells to you whilst you begin to run away, ‘Don’t tell them where I am going’.


Bouter Wailey‘ was created in a an improvised jam between Jitter Jazz residents Pondoo & Polar Kid and is the second piece off their latest ep Wouter Bailey. Exploring quirky soundscapes that dip in and out with welcomed rough percussion, ‘Bouter Wailey’ is a track you will keep coming back to to find out where ‘Bouter Wailey’ is.

Pre-order the two track ep here.

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