Premiere: John Parsley – Simple Days (Sulk Magic)

A sense of doom, panic and foreboding laid down by throbbing synth lines, unfriendly flangers and body-moving percussion. This serious piece of EBM is the work of John Parsley, a name that in the past has been synonymous with deep groovy disco rhythms and house bubblers, but as of late, has shifted into the realm of cosmic synth throbbers with flavours of electro, synth-wave and acid. We at As If. No Way! present to you: ‘Simple Days‘ – the title track from Parsley’s new EP, soon to be released by fledgeling imprint Sulk Magic, headed by R&S signee Jo Howard aka Bird of Paradise.

Founded in 2017, Sulk Magic specialises in downtempo, arp abounding synth pieces with chugging bass and pitched-down, post-punk vocals. ‘Simple Days’ then, with its squelching bass and an earnest sense of dread and disquiet will sit well in the back catalogue of Sulk Magic and help mould the gothic aesthetic of this exciting new label.

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