Premiere: Dujat – With Him (Piksel Remix)

Short Story

Stood a top a cliff face overlooking the dense forest as the sun rose and the clouds lifted into the sky. The colours of the Earth are slowly sucked into the swirling mass above your head, taking the colours you wear with it.

Everything becomes transparent. The linage of the earth flows into itself as it softly pulsates below. The clouds that hold the essence of the earth spin and swirl, cleansing it before setting it back down through rain.


Piksel carefully weaves percussion throughout Dujat’sWith Him‘, giving the already masterful piece of music a gratifying energy. The tranquil soundscapes swirl and don’t hesitate to grow into more challenging atmosphere’s before fading away.

Dujat’s EP Gongan was released last December and now with help from First Light Records is replenished with remixes by Piksel, Leo, Loraine James, Adriaan de Roover and Dan Valentine.

Proceeds of this release will be going to Arts Emergency, a UK charity that helps young people from diverse backgrounds access higher education in the arts, and Seed Studios, an arts and wellbeing organisation.

The EP can be pre-ordered here and is due for release 26th of June.

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