Premiere : Eric Holm – Salp (Subtext Recordings)

Short Story

Floating in the depths of the deep sea, corral swirls in the distance like the trees swaying on an open shore. As similar as looking into a dirty mirror, slowly an image of yourself appears in the midst of dark blue dots. Your heart begins to throb, echoing in your dry diving suit. Your faint reflection morphs into the surrounding sea, briefly co-existing with the underwater eco-system and triggering the thought of how to create a stronger connection between humans and nature. Unaware of time and deep in thought, the reflection of yourself swiftly parts off into the darkness as you are slowly pulled back up to the surface.


UK based, USA born sound artist and composer Eric Holm returns with his latest sonic experiment ‘Salp‘. The eerie layers of manipulated field recordings and sounds, moulded in to a heart throbbing beat create a meditative insight into Holm’s experience above and below the sea.

To be released via Subtext Recordings on April 28, apart of a nine track album called Surface Variations. ‘Salp’ is apart of Holms broader reflection of his time spent as an industrial diver and explores the desire to conquer, understand and contemplate both the sea and himself in the face of growing precarious personal, ecological and political landscapes.

Pre-order Surface Variations here

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