AS IF. NO WAY! @ 199Radio 11/04/17


Our first radio show at the brand new 199Radio based at New River Studios. This episode included mostly beatless pieces including Ambient, Dub, Folk, Jazz and beyond…


Tracks/words by Thomas 

Tracks/words by Blake

  1. Yannick Dauby ‎– 咾咕厝 ló​-​kó͘​-​chhù – Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol​.​2 [Discrepant]
    • The Penghu or Pescadores Islands are an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait, this Taiwanese record uses interviews and field recordings together with some clever electronic synthesis “to transpose Yannick’s impressions of the island’s natural beauty.” – Discrepant
  2. Ingram Marshall – Requiem Part 4 [Arc Light Editions]
    • Arc Light edition have re-issued Ingram Marshall’s 1984 album Fog Tropes/Gradual Requiem in all its glory.
  3. Paul Horn – Inside [Epic]
    • Paul Horn (March 17, 1930 – June 29, 2014) was an American jazz flautist and saxophonist, and an early pioneer of new-age music. This record was an experimental piece using Flute and Voice, recorded in the dome of the Taj Mahal.
  4. Ensemble Al Tchālghī Al Baghdādī Yusuf Ὀmar ‎– Iraq: Makāmāt [Ocora]
    • The Jalghi Baghdadi Ensemble was an Iraqi musical ensemble fror traditional Music and maqam founded in the early 1940ies. This particular record was released French label: Ocora in 1972, the label is dedicated to traditional forms of music with a worldwide coverage, from India, to Egypt, to Portugal to name just a few.
  5. Pulse Emmiter – Shamanic Pictographs [Alien Vacation Tape]
  6. Various ‎– Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol.1: O Trabalho [Discrepant]
    • In English: ‘Anthology of Atypical Portuguese Music’.  Another record from Discrepant, this work is part of a series of music with traditional elements of local Portuguese folk, but that has been manipulated in such a way to sound uncharacteristic of the country. The work aims to “re-evaluate its musical history, de-construct clichés and re-assemble preconceptions into a new and daring musical landscape.” – Discrepant
  7. Barbara Morgenstern – Eine Verabredung [monika21]
    • The first of many records picked up at Love Vinyl that are soon to be featured on our Youtube channel.
  8. Flotal – One Window [Arable]
    • Keep an eye out on this as it shall make an appearance on our youtube channel as well
  9. Hodge ‎– Body Drive EP [No Corner]
    • This record on ‘No Corner’, one of Ossia’s labels, is Hodge’s venture into ambient music, though in parts it’s far from beatless.
  10. Rhythm & Sound ‎– Aerial [Rhythm & Sound]
    • A classic dub track from Berlin’s mysterious Rhythm & Sound duo.
  11. Sordid Sound – Dub Cha Cha [Invisible Inc]
    • Ecletic/electronic/dub sending you into space.
  12. Ashtray Navigations ‎– To Make A Fool Ask & You Are The First [Blackest Ever Black]
    • Some truly evolving soundscapes from psych band/project ‘Ashtray Navigations’ on Blackest Ever Black. “Instant immersion in a potent, pungent psychedelia that feels equal parts cosmic and aquatic.” – Blackest Ever Black
  13. Sun Ra And His Band From Outer Space ‎– Space Aura [Art Yard]
    • A perfect psychedelic free-jazz excursion from the legend himself. “Remarkable quartet of Sun Ra live recordings made in 1966 shortly after the Arkestra moved to New York.” – Boomkat
  14. Anthony Williams ‎– Spring [Blue Note]
    • Often dubbed ‘one of the most important jazz drummers in history’. This is a chaotic jazz interlude on Blue Note.
  15. Pop-Off Tuesday ‎– See My Ghost [Pickled Egg Records]
    • Another teaser thanks to Love Vinyl
  16. Dan White ‎– Now You Are Here [Cry Baby Records]
    • On a drunken dig through Northside Records whilst back home in Melbourne for 2 weeks over summer, I came across this magical piece that I had been rinsing online.
  17. Kara Lis Coverdale – Imgs/r
    • This symphonic masterpiece created by the ever talented Kara Lis Coverdale, whom I discovered after seeing her support Tim Hecker in the spring in London 2016, has ever enchanting yet dark movements that never end to impress me.
  18. HOLOVR ‎– Anterior Space [Further Records]
    • Reviewed by AS IF. NO WAY!’s Blake last year, HOLOVR has had some magical releases recently including this acid ambient masterpiece.
  19. Mikadori Takada -Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream [Palto Flat/We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want]
  20. Andrew Peckler – Frogopond – Idyl [Kinetik Records]
    • Peckler has an unreal knack for sourcing the most glorious field recordings and combining them with glitchy electronics, coming across his latest piece whilst searching the depths of Soundcloud and his
  21. Quirke ‎– Cylinder [Whities]
    • Whites always deliver. Their eyes and ears are on the look out for the next weirdest, quaintest, unbelievable sound and the entirety of Quirke’s release that marks Whities007 is magnificent.

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